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LIC Agent Portal

LIC Agent Portal : To know what LIC Agents are and what is their portal it’s very important to know what LIC is. Well to start with Life insurance India Ltd is a company and this company provides Life Insurances and a Life insurance is a contract which is between the Insurer and the person getting insured where in the insurer according to the life insurance policy makes it sure that the assured get an amount which is approximately fixed during the insurance agreement, in the situation of the policy maturity, death or any serious illness has happened to the policy holder.

It has its own importance, life is uncertain and it is also the best way for financial planning. It secures the future in terms of finances and also puts your family in an economically secure zone. It also protects your money and as it is there in almost all the insurances it increases the amount with a regular growth.

Though LIC has given all the agents a user id and also a password to access all the policy they do and they have already done in the past. For online services you can click on this link and those who are the registered users they should click on this link by logging in agents can not only check policies but also all the minute details which includes:

  • Business Tools
  • Commission Calendar
  •  Underwriting Advisor
  •  Register Complaints
  • Complaint Status
  • View Circulars
  •  Agent Circulars
  •  Utkarsh Magazine
  • Policy Calendar Lapsed/Revival Details
  •  Policy Maturity Alert
  • Loan Calculator
  • Policy Holder Birth Day List
  • Agents Policy Search
  • Policy Status View
  • Premium Paid Statement For All Policies Claims
  •  Enquiry Proposal
  •  Enquiry Calculators
  • Premium Calculator
  • Insurance Selector
  •  UpdateContactDetails
  • Edit Contact Details

What is the duty of an LIC agent?

  • To ensure that he/she understands what the insurer is looking for, for that it is very important to listen to the client very patiently so that the agent can understand the exact need of the client.
  • To be punctual and committed to all the commitments, this ensures that you respect your words and time which is a good sign of a serious and responsible LIC agent.
  • It’s advised to the agent to fix meetings in the client’s house only so that the agent can look around and get the idea of the client’s family and this will help the agent to advice for the best suitable plan.
  • To know about all the plans and also about the upcoming plans thoroughly and nicely, it will help the agent to interact with the client confidently and the agent will be able to suggest about the upcoming plans too.

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    Please provide the link of agent login portal

  3. Ch.Anthaiah my agency code no 2702 branch code 64Q sricilla portal I’d password kindly help me

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