LIC BIMA Account II Policy


LIC BIMA Account II Policy


 LIC’s Bima Account – II  is a simple non-linked plan which offers you everything you think of an insurance plan should provide:
Guaranteed minimum return
Transparent charges
Risk cover

Under this plan, the premiums paid by you, after deduction of charges, will be credited to the Policyholder’s Account maintained separately for each policyholder. The risk cover will be provided by deduction of mortality charges from the Policyholder’s Account.

If all due premiums are paid, the amount held in your Policyholder’s Account will earn an annual interest rate of 6% p.a. which will be guaranteed for whole of the policy term. In addition to this guaranteed return, if all due premiums are paid, your account may earn an additional return depending upon the experience under this plan.

You will also have an option to pay additional (Top-up) premiums without any increase in risk cover.

Loan facility will also be available immediately after first policy anniversary.


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  1. policy no. 905993373
    my friend want to surrender this policy, plz tell how much amt would he get back?

  2. Like to approach and open a policy

  3. my police No. 734001233 please tell me my police status

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