LIC Customer’s Portal

How to surrender LIC ULIP PolicyHow to surrender LIC ULIP Policy


LIC Customer’s Portal

LIC Customer’s Portal : This is for the purpose that customer’s must be able to know, understand and see the LIC policy status  properly and also other information clearly and easily. As LIC has got many plans and policy for the client and the client’s list is varied from individuals to businessman /women and retired, groups, organizations, low income, medium income and higher income groups and a lot of others too.

LIC has the highest settlement ratio and it is also the most trusted and renowned for the insurance services. LIC not only understands the customer’s need but also assists them with the right plan, LIC has the best ratio of satisfied customers and also happy customers.

To see the LIC customer’s Portal you need to be first be the customer of LIC and to be a customer just buy one plan which you find the most suitable, for that you can contact any of the LIC agent and the agent will come to the place and at the time you fix. Though it’s better to talk about these thing at your own home only because this will provide the maximum comfort. Well after buying a policy you need to login to a particular page on the LIC’s official website;

  • You need to first register to login to the LIC customer Portal.
  • To register you need to click on the link this is the official LIC webpage, particularly on this page you will see an image like this
LIC Customer’s Portal

LIC Customer’s Portal


  • Now you need to fill the registration form properly and correctly and once you have entered everything click on ‘proceed’.
  • You can also pay your premiums by logging in to the LIC’s customers’ Portal page, for that click this is the official LIC page for customers’ portal.

  • Just provide your Login Id and password and click on ‘Go’.
  • You are now in LIC Customers’ portal and you can check your premium details and also pay your premiums online.

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  1. Sahodra Satnami | September 10, 2013 at 5:10 am | Reply

    I want know my policy status.premium policy no; 46665527

  2. This is Pravati ghosh, I’ve done a policy under jeevan astha plan. Policy details is- UIN-512N52V01, Table no-195, Policy no- 577475531. Date of commencement-21/01/2009. I want to know how much amount will I get during maturity? What r the benefits of this policy?

  3. plz provide best cildren plan

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