Lic Premium Calculator


Lic Premium Calculator

Lic Premium Calculator :  With increasing number of life insurance Corporation of India (Lic of India) policy holders, Lic of India is also trying to give the best of best services to its customers. Lic of India is never driven by profit motive; it always takes into consideration the benefits of all its stakeholders first. Therefore these days’ people are going more with Lic of India than any other insurance company. With this prospect only Lic of India developed different applications for Lic Premium Calculator. These calculators calculate Premium of different plans which includes lic calculator maturity amount, term insurance lic calculator, money back policy lic calculator, lic calculator for jeevan saral ,lic calculator for jeevan anand/ lic calculator jeevan anand, pension plan lic calculator/ pension plan in lic calculator, surrender value of lic calculator and many more services for their policy holders. Lic Premium Calculator is used to calculate Premium Amount for yearly, Premium Amount half yearly, Premium Amount quarterly and Premium Amount monthly of any Policy based on your requirement. These calculators takes Parameters like Age of the person, Term of the policy and sum assured and in addition name, email id, phone number for further Communication. It gives Result showing premium Amount for your policy based on age, term and the sum assured. These Applications are developed for the betterment of the Lic Esteemed Customers and Marketing Personnel. Through these applications all information about Lic of India products & portal services are on fingertips of the customer. These lic calculator software are available on internet on different sites and even on the official site of life insurance Corporation of India (Lic of India) i.e.; . Some of them are also available as lic calculator in excel, lic calculator free download .Some new versions of the same are also available on the net like lic calculator 2014. So, find the best online lic calculator and make your life simpler and stress free.

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