Lic Surrender Value Calculator



Lic Surrender Value Calculator

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  1. Kunjan Vasavda | December 22, 2015 at 7:41 am | Reply

    I have been paying 10971 Rs yearly towards Jeevan Sathi since 2007 till 2028 (For 21 years). In other words I have paid 9 years x 10971 = 98739 to LIC. If I surrender this policy at this age, what would surrender value will I get? Policy number is 873873011.

  2. Sorry I have Type wrong I had completed 18 years Extremely sorry for the mistake

  3. please tell when i get my money back of insurance of 18 years policy .iI have completed the 128 years . Im from rajasthan in branch of bhilwara i had started policy premium . I had surrended from policy . Please let me know the status . my Policy no. is 184011931

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