New Janaraksha Plan Policy


New Janaraksha Plan Policy

Provides full life insurance cover for 3 years even when the premiums are not paid. (This benefit is available after at least 2 years premiums are paid).

Non-medical General up to Rs 1,00,000/- with declaration of age up to 45 without any extra premium.

Non-medical Special is allowed up to a limit of Rs.2,00,000/- upto age 45 years and 1,00,000 between age 46 to 50 years.

Accident benefit available without payment of any extra premium.

Special Features
The non-medical limit is exclusive to this policy. Double Accident benefit and Bonus is also granted. A special feature of the New Jana Raksha Policy is that it continues to provide full life insurance cover to the assured for three years, even when the premium payments are stopped due to certain reasons, provided that at least 2 years premiums have been received.

Survival Benefits
Maturity Benefit
Payment of Sum Assured plus accrued bonus.

Death Benefits
Payment of Sum Assured plus accrued bonus.

Accident / Permanent Disability
Payment of double the Sum Assured plus accrued bonuses on the Sum Assured as defined on the policy document.

Income Tax Rebate
Under Section 88 of the IT on premiums paid.

100% Income Tax Free

Permanent disability, Maturity and Death Claims.

Policy Parameters
Entry Age Min 18 Max 50
Sum Assured Min 30000 Max 1000000
Term Min 12 Max 30

Mode of Payment – Yearly, Half Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly, Salary Saving Scheme
Max Maturity Age – 70 Years
Policy loan available – Yes

Suitable For:
Ideal for farmers and workers, since farmers have to depend on the vagaries of the climate while workers are subject to changes in trade cycles, depressions, strikes, labour disputes, etc

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  1. My name is Kanuar R Sangma.policy no 485063851.pls confirm me next premium debit from my account.

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