LIC Pension Plan – New Jeevan Dhara-I Policy

New Jeevan Dhara

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Product summary:
These are Deferred Annuity plans that allow the policyholder to make provision for regular income after the selected term.

Premiums are payable yearly, half-yearly, quarterly, monthly or through Salary deduction, as opted by you, throughout the term of the policy or till earlier death. Alternatively, the premium may be paid in one lump sum (single premium).

Tax Benefits:
Tax relief under Section 80ccc is available on premiums paid under New Jeevan Suraksha I (Table No.147). The premiums paid under New Jeevan Dhara I (Table No.148) qualify for tax relief under Section 88.

These are with-profit plans and participate in the profits of the Corporation’s annuity / pension business. Policies get a share of the profits in the form of bonuses. Simple Reversionary Bonuses are declared per thousand Sum Assured annually at the end of each financial year.  Once declared, they form part of the guaranteed benefits of the plan. Final (Additional) Bonuses may also be payable provided policy has run for a certain minimum period.
For Detailed Information Please fill up the Form at the following link :-

3 Comments on "LIC Pension Plan – New Jeevan Dhara-I Policy"

  1. I had purchased a new jeevan dhara policy 1 in 2004. Which will run uptill 2026.If I want to foreclose it now what will I get.
    The annual premium is of 10,000/-.
    Policy number is 331144817.

  2. DEVI LAL JAKHAR | February 22, 2013 at 6:20 am | Reply

    I have purchased policy 500265700 from Sriganganagar branch. The policy have matured on 21.03.2013 but I havenot received any letter from your department regarding giving benefits etc.

  3. I had New Jeevandhara Policy No 193793044 and Policy No 193793042 taken from LIC Sanganer, Jaipur branch in Nov 2001. These are vested on 15 Nov 2012 but I have been given Surrender value and NOT Notional Cash despite opting for the option as applicable under table 145.

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