Online Term Insurance Plan

Online Term Insurance PlanOnline Term Insurance Plan


Online Term Insurance Plan

Now let’s first get acknowledged by the fact that online term insurance plan has no more monopoly in the market as because right now not one or two but there are seven insurance companies who are offering this service or say insurance. Thought the first online term insurance plan was discovered and incorporated by Aegon Religare and then after Aegon Religare it was ICICI who brought online term Insurance plan in the market. But as it was very new at that time and there were no other players to learn from it didn’t go that well in the beginning with the customers and it affected the reputation of the insurance provider. There has been lots of mis-communication, miss treatment of the policies, some customers also complained regarding the promises and documentations faults.  But it will not be called a single handed mis-management of the insurance company there have been cases where the customer has also been not very committed to the policies and terms and conditions. On the other hand some of the customers have been really happy with the service and they were also among those who got the policies on time and without any harassment.

As it’s already mentioned that now in the current phase there are seven insurance provider in the market but LIC is not there among them and there is no rumour or fact regarding LIC to come up with Online Term Insurance Plan.

Well the seven so called online term insurance providers are:

  1. Aegon Religare
  2. ICICI
  3. Aviva
  4. Metlife
  5. Kotak
  6. Future Generali
  7. India First

The entire online term insurance provider provides term insurance to individuals who are strictly non smoker and non alcoholic. So it’s better if you don’t lie about any of these habits in case if they find out your term insurance plan will be rejected then and there and later it may cause a situation of embarrassment for you with some legal action if they charge for it.

To know the exact premium for the entire online term insurance plan it’s advisable to meet the insurance agent of the insurance company you are interested or you may call all one by one and later compare it by yourself and then decide which one to go for.

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