Work With LIC


Work With LIC

Well LIC that is Life Insurance Corporation of India is a corporation where people want to work as a policy adviser, but the question here is what you need to be a policy advisor in LIC? what are the qualification required ?and how to become an advisor?

Okay, the first thing is you need to be at least of 18 years old or more than that and also you need to be a standard 12 pass in any stream or any format (that is distance learning is also applicable). Now if you fulfill the criteria and really want to be an adviser then contact your nearest Branch office and meet the Development officer there, the Development officer will fix an interview date and time with you. Now an interview will take place with the Branch officer and with other decision making members too, they would just like to see if you really want to work as a financial advisor for LIC. Here you need to do well in the interview all you need is confidence and a proper attitude to be a policy advisor. Once you have cleared the interview you will go be given a proper training and you will get all the required knowledge under that training.

Now in the training as you will getting the knowledge of all about insurance, term insurance, policies, plans and lot of other things so there will be tests in a regular interval to know how well you are acquiring the knowledge given to you. This whole training process will take near about 100 hours, so you need to learn all in the 100 hours of training.

After completing the training there will be an exam to take the pre-licensing exam by IRDA that is (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority), now if you qualify the exam then you will get a license of being an advisor, a policy advisor of LIC.

You will be posted to the same branch office where you applied for the post, though in some genuine cases they will consider a posting to other branch if it is requested by the agent. As this is not that easy job so an LIC agent needs to be very patient, intelligent, smart, ambitious and also friendly, here the working hours are based on your preference. You can as according to your own convenience choose the working hour or rather according to your client’s convenience you can choose the working hour.

You will always have the opportunity to reach the topmost level of income which you always wanted to as this will give you an opportunity to earn to a limit you always wished for. Though LIC will always give you the support which is basic and is required by every agent like branding, training, grooming, in-house consultant et cetra.

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