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When it comes to insurance most of us prefer life insurance Corporation of India (Lic of India). It is the largest insurance company in India and is one of the insurance company that takes good care of all its stakeholders. LIC offers a variety of insurance products to its customers such as Lic insurance plansLic pension plansLic unit-linked plansLic special plans and Lic group schemes. Besides these products it also provides its customers different facilities which no other insurance company provides and which also help in proper functioning of the company. Some of these facilities include lic customer login,lic online payment,lic policy status,lic online premium payment,lic consumer portal,lic premium calculator, and many more.

Lic Customers login

Lic Customers login is one of the key services of the company, which makes the life of the policy holder easy and stress free. With this Lic Customers login the policy holder can check each and every detail of their policy in just one click of a button sitting at their home.

Lic online payment

Lic online payment is also another initiative by Lic of India to provide on demand premium collection service for its customers within a few clicks. The Lic online payment initiative is an important component of the company and provides real time customer satisfaction for the company. This functionality is available on their Lic of India website i.e.; .

Lic Policy Status

Lic of India also provided different modes to know the lic policy status keeping in mind their customer serviceability and this facility too is available on their website i.e.

Lic premium calculator

Lic premium calculator is also one of the key master features of Lic of India. Different apps are developed by lic of India for their Esteemed Customers and Marketing Personnel. These apps provide all information about Lic of India products & portal services on customer’s fingertips.

Lic Policy Enquiry, Lic Policy Status, Premium Calculator also keeps good care of their agent keeping in mind their stakeholder policy. Lic of India helps their agents in each and every aspect. Keeping in mind their agent Lic of India developed lic agent portal, which not only helps lic agent about policy matters but also provides them with quick reckoner of all Lic of India – LIC Policy Enquiry, LIC Policy Status, Premium Calculator matters.

All of us though out the life has certain responsibilities / respect for our elders, wife and children’s. Some examples are

Post retirement income,
Children’s education,
Children’s marriage expenses and so on.

As a responsible person it should be one’s responsibility to ensure that the family’s happiness is ensured and secured from any unforeseen event or expenditure. It is for this reason that one needs a plan that offers – savings, growth and protection.

LIC life insurance policy is much more than a tax Saving product. LIC Life Insurance is a powerful tool to cover risk that can affect the family’s income in the absence of the bread-winner / earning spouse. LIC Life Insurance Policy also works as a saving instrument which can help individuals in planning for their children’s education, children’s marriage, pension, retirement benefits and any other defined financial goals.

Inspite of all benefits many people keep defering the decision to buy life insuance considering it merely as a tax saving scheme.

Life is un-predictable. Having insurance cover through a Life Insurance policy should definitely be one on the top concern.

I am an Lic Life Insurance Advisor. I provide excellent services to thousands of my clients from different industries and business.

* Endowment Insurance
* Whole Life Insurance
* Money Back Insurance
* Children and Kids Insurance
* Pension and Retirement Solutions and Insurance
* Term Life Insurance
* Unit Linked Insurance Scheme (ULIS)

If you are unsure, what is the right plan of LIC Life Insurance Policy you need, click here to find out.

Still Thinking – Why To Invest in Life Insurance?
All of us has different goals and needs. As life moves ahead, so may the life insurance needs also changes. The life insurance is a valuable asset and can be used in various ways in case of emergency. Contact us now!!

Following are some of the key benefits of investing in an LIC Life Insurance Policy – LIC Policy Enquiry, LIC Policy Status, Premium Calculator:

Life Insurance Protect you against major debt.
Life insurance is a Secured.
Life Insurace can work as security for your loans (Home or Personal Loans).
Life Insurance can Build cash value for children’s college funding or marriage.
Life Insurance Build Pension to be available after retirement.
Life Insurance Provide financial support for your family and enable your loved ones to maintain their standard of living in case any eventuality and unforeseen event or expenditure.



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