LIC Policy Status


LIC Policy Status

LIC Policy Status : When it comes to insurance most of us ought to prefer life insurance Corporation of India (Lic of India).  

It is one of the largest insurance company in India which takes good care of all its stakeholders. With more than half of the population having lic policy, Lic of India too is finding different ways so as to provide best service to its policy holders. When the entire world is modernizing, Lic of India is too adopting different methods towards technological advancement. Some of which includes checking lic policy status online, checklic policy status by policy number online and many more services for their policy holders. Earlier checking lic policy status was not an easy task, as it involved many people and took a lot of time even for just one policy. Seeing these difficulties faced by its customers, Lic of India decided to make this entire process of checking lic policy status online so as to make it feasible for the policy holders. Now policy holders can easily check their lic policy status online in just one click of a button.You can check lic policy status by yourself by using internet with just your lic policy number.

Let’s now see the entire process through which you can check your LIC policy status online: 

  1. First you need to log onto the official site of life insurance Corporation of India (Lic of India) i.e.; .


Once you have reached the home page of the site, you will need to register with Lic of India to checklic policy status check online.

lic policy status

The registration is really a simple process and requires you to fill in your details and you will be register with Lic of India. After you are done with the process of registration, you can easily know all that you want about your policy including your lic policy status.

lic policy status


lic policy status

There is a whole list of options that are displayed, which will direct you to the operation that you want to do. Click on the one that you want, which in this case is checking the LIC policy status.

You will be asked to enter your lic policy number and once it is entered, you will get all the details about your LIC policy along with its present status.

This is the entire process you need to follow to check lic policy status with policy number online. Many of the Lic policy holders are in a fix to how to check lic policy status with policy number. We hope that this article will clear all your confusions about checking lic policy status online.

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